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Data technology as an enabler for renewable energy.

Curaçao has a modern National Energy Policy, which sets the objectives and priorities for the development of an effective and sustainable energy system with the goal to achieve 50% renewable energy penetration by 2030. Data technology will be an enabler for this objective which aligns with Curaçao’s ambition to become a smart country that embraces the development of data technology and Artificial Intelligence. Curaçao, therefore, welcomes this initiative of Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) and LaNubia Consulting.

Parallel Lines


ILUSTRE will be a living lab in the Caribbean with the objective to develop, implement and test AI innovations that will accelerate the use of clean energy and advance solutions in water treatment and wastewater recycling/purification. Alongside with these sustainable development objectives, the innovation partners aim at establishing an education platform for AI and data science for the Caribbean region.


The innovation lab is one of the new ICAI labs that are part of the ROBUST program on Trustworthy AI-based Systems for Sustainable Growth which is financed under the NWO LTP funding scheme. ILUSTRE offers opportunities for PhD candidates who wish to support to the acceleration of the energy transition and who have an affinity with the Dutch Caribbean islands.

Modern Architecture

Left to right: Aldo Silvano (LaNubia) and Rigo Selassa (LaNubia), Eric Postma (JADS), Minister Ruisandro Cijntje (MEO), Renato Calzone (JADS) and Geert-Jan Peters (JADS).


JADS HQ in s’-Hertogenbosch


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Meet The Leaders


Eric Postma

Scientific Director, ILUSTRE

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A professor in Artificial Intelligence at the Cognitive Science & AI department at Tilburg University and at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a joint initiative of Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University. His research focuses on pattern recognition in humans and machines. Although the term “pattern recognition” is not in vogue anymore, it does capture the human capability to perceive patterns in images, signals, and data in general. Nowadays, deep learning algorithms excel in pattern recognition on narrow domains.


Rigo Selassa

Industry Director,

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A Transformation Manager with more than 15 years of experience helping organizations to transform using technological innovations.

As a Global Executive MBA candidate he had the privilege to travel around the globe to different countries and follow courses at 6 recognized Business Schools (EGADE, GIBS, FGV, RSM, XMU and UNC). Based on his experience and network he is motivated to inspire organization to adopt human centric AI solutions and create education opportunities for talents to support the energy & water transition in the Caribbean and Latin American region.


Renato Calzone

Program Director, ILUSTRE

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Realization of adverse effect on planet, in the name of economic growth, inspired Renato to dedicate his time to the JADS 'Data Science for Social Good' program (Inspired by UN sustainable development goals). His objective is to create a research, support and user community around AI in core areas such as clean energy, water, human centricity etc.
He obtained MSc (Aeronautical Engineering) from Delft University and completed MSc in Business Administration from Nyenrode University. He recently also graduated from the JADS Data Science for  Professionals program.

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